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2021'de CHM Vurgusu

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In a blink of an eye, 2021 has come to an end. This year, CHM Machinery overcame all obstacles and continued to maintain its leading position in the paper processing industry in terms of industrial scale, manufacturing, and technology. The CHM all staffs have handed in excellent transcripts through unremitting efforts, and they will be successful in 2021.
Let us review the memorabilia of CHM Machinery in 2021!

The tenth paper cutting engineer training camp of CHM Machinery was successfully held

On March 18-20, 2021, the tenth paper cutting engineer training camp of CHM Machinery was successfully held in Dongguan city(CHM Production Base). After intensive and intensive course training, the trainees successfully graduated and got the graduation certificate issued by the organizer CHM Machinery under the guidance of the instructor Guangdong Paper Industry Association and Dongguan Environmental Packaging Industry Association!

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CHM Machinery's updated A4 copy paper high-speed automatic boxes packaging machine was unveiled!

In March 2021, the CHM Machinery technical team successfully developed and launched updated A4 copy paper high-speed automatic boxes packaging machine, automatic equipment with excellent performance, reliable quality and cost-effective!

The CHM L-frame slitting machine (non-standard customized) of Sun Paper's Xinglong Workshop was officially put into production!

In April 2021, the CHM L-frame slitting machine (non-standard customized) of Sun Paper's Xinglong Workshop was officially put into operation, cutting 40 grams of release paper, focusing on slitting carbon-free raw, release raw, silicone oil paper and other low grams paper roll to sheets cutting processing.

CHM Machinery Dongtai Production Base officially opened and put into production

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From June 18th to 19th, 2021, CHN Machinery and allies, with the party committee and government of Fu'an Town as the organizers, successfully held the 7th China Post-Printing Integration Solution Promotion Conference in 2021 and the opening of Dongtai Junxing Technology Co., Ltd. celebration. The theme of this event was "A Hundred Years of Niu Turning the Universe and Printing" and attracted more than 400 merchants from home and abroad to participate. At the same time, it marks that CHM Machinery's third production base after Shandong and Dongguan has been officially put into operation!

CHM Machinery's A4 copy paper film packaging machine was launched shockingly!

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On August 19, 2021, CHM Machinery held an autumn new product launch conference and launched a new equipment intelligent A4 copy paper film packaging machine. The release of this packaging machine is of great significance to CHM Machinery. It not only enriches CHM Machinery’s A4 copy paper series The product line provides a variety of choices for customers in the market. Both in terms of price and performance, it is extremely cost-effective, and it is the first choice for investment in paper industry.

CHM Machinery's world's first CHM-1100 high-speed paper roll to sheets cutting machine

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In September 2021, CHM Machinery newly launched the CHM-1100 high-speed paper roll sheeter machine, which can realize customized cutting, effectively reduce paper loss and reduce production costs. Its cutting paper weight can range from 60 grams to 550 grams, its maximum speed can reach 300m/min, and it only needs 70 square meters of floor space. This is achieved by CHM Machinery through more than ten years of continuous research and development, innovative and optimized cutter head cutting technology, stable paper conveying system, and integration of paper delivery devices. This excellent paper roll sheeter machine can cut 80% of the common paper types on the market. It can be easily operated by only two people. It is an economical, cost-effective and good equipment.